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Fractional CFO Services

Many small and medium businesses are seeking out Fractional CFO services where they receive the benefit of having an experienced professional CFO available to them without having to hire a full time CFO and all the costs that come with that position.  These services can be contracted on a part-time basis (1 day per week, 1 week per month, etc) or on a retainer basis.  Whatever may work best for your organization.

Areas where a fractional CFO can add value

Business Analyis and Management

Being the partner to the CEO and distilling down the financial statements, preparing forecasts, reviewing KPIs etc.

Our CFOs have experience in running companies, asking the right questions and know how to get the most out of an organization.

Board, Investor and Banking presentations

Working with the CEO and senior team and distilling down the company performance to present to the board, investors, or banking personnel to fund the growth of the business

Acquisition Diligence

Looking to grow both organically and through acquisitions.  Our fractional CFOs have been there.  Once we gain an understanding of your growth goals, we can review/develop plans and provide diligence services on potential acquisition candidates.

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